The Princess

A fantastical world of villains.

The careening tower of Wake Moor Castle was a beacon throughout the realm. Surrounded on all sides by a ferocious forest, the kingdom served as a safe haven for travelers between the East and West Lowes. The closest castle to the Locked Caves, Wake Moor also hosted those waiting for their readings, waiting to be fated. King Edric and the other nine kings each ruled their castles as lords, but the there was a greater fealty owed in the realm.

Presiding over the lands, over the castles, and over the citizens was more than ten kings. Cruel, formless deities, the Fates controlled all the lands and the people in them. Unable to decide whether man was inherently good or inherently evil, the twelve deities determined the moral siding of every citizen. They created the Locked Caves to reveal to each citizen their fate. The Locked Caves were twelve caverns, one for each of the Fates. Hundreds of years ago, each cavern had a pool. But, over the centuries, nine of the pools had dried up and so the Fates had dwindled to three.

Every citizen was subjected to the whims and cruelties of the Fates and each of the citizens came to the Locked Caves before they were twenty, to have their destiny show to them. No citizen was exempt. In fact, it was late autumn of one year when King Edric was arranging for his own daughter to visit the caverns.

His son, Prince Aric, was destined to be a great warrior for the castle and had been charged with leading his sister to the caves. But a skirmish on the outskirts of the forest took the prince and much of the guard away. And so the king accompanied his daughter to the caves himself, along with the head of his guard, Farleigh.

Princess Samire’s reading was shorter than most. When she returned to the mouth of the cave, she was whiter than a cloud. Not only was she destined for evil, she said, but she was to bring about the fall of Wake Moor. Upon hearing his daughter’s dark fate, the king ran into a chamber and demanded an audience with the Fates. His actions violated the sacred ritual, but rules are often broken for kings and the Fates appeared.

King Edric begged them. He begged for his daughter to have any other fate but the one she had been given, begged that someone might take her place. No one knows if the Fates had planned this all along, or if they really did just make an exception, but they obliged. 

The End

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