The Scar

i Found The doll Lying on the floor in my bedroom which it start talking to me about when my mum was young and was scared of him.

"She Gave me this scar That was the night i almost died"

"How did she give it to you ?"I asked him

" She Was in The kitchen and she saw me trying to kill her mum Then she stabbed my head and pulled it down"

"Can i ask you what your name?"I said

"My Name is chuckie Ive been haunting your family for thousands of years"

"Why Haunt us why not a rich family?"I asked him

"It your Ancestors fault they got my mum and was just throwing her around and then they threw her in the bin"

"So how did you come to life a curse or something like that?"I asked

"A gypsy came and picked me up and put a curse on me to kill the Family of the people who threw me away"

"why wont u kill me am i too strong for u"i asked

"No I'm saving u for the last"

"Why kill my mum first?"i asked

"When she was a kid she was throwing me around and then i killed her mum and dad"

"So i got to protect my family from your family?"I asked

"Yes or when i get kids they will start killing you're kids and you"

"so if i save my self and the others you will just kill me in the future?"

I Heard something behind me and looked and i turned and there was nothing no chuckie.

He told me in my mind there were three warnings you must obey or you die.


The End

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