I went to bed that night and I heard Little Footsteps Coming near my Bed. I opened My Eyes And put the light on. And i Saw my mum I was Scared. I went back to bed and saw little eyes peeping out of a bundle of clothes. I ran down stairs and said to my mum.

"Mum there are eyes Peeping out of my Bundle of clothes"

"Don't be silly your just imagining it" Said mum  In a serious way.

I went back to bed and the eyes were gone Now i was freaking out. i left the light on and went to bed.

I went to school the next day and saw red hair going with the wind and right beside my leg was The doll that i saw in my attic i put it in my bag and took it every where with me. I heard lots of moving sounds in my bag i opened it and there was nothing moving. I left the Doll in school when we went swimming. But when i looked to the side there it was just looking at me swimming. I was wondering if it was cursed or something or magnetic to humans but i couldn't believe it was magnetic to humans. So the thing must be cursed so i ran back to the bus and left it there. On the bus i looked to the empty seat beside me like usual And there it was the doll. A teacher came to sit beside me And the doll yelled

"Get your stinking Ass Off Me!!" The teacher Stand ed up and went to another seat and gave me detention. I went home and my mum was there covered in blood. The blood was pouring out like mad There was no way to save her. Before she died she told me

"There was such thing as the Doll son I owned it a long time ago"

I was shocked she never told me about the doll which followed you every where you go. I got mad and went serching for the doll.

The End

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