The Fall

I see the deep green fields of yesterday,

Forever burning on the horizon.

My once purple sky is now red,

And the silver grass that grew thickly around my world is dead.


This is no longer my world of impossibility,

I do not swim, I drown.

I do not fly, I fall.

And there is no one.


I sleep, but my world does not return to me in my dreams,

It is replaced,

Replaced by an endless nothingness,

By a blackness that shouldn't exist.


My precious world has turned on me,

Has ravaged itself and changed.

There is fire and ice,

And all that is wrong.


There is nowhere to escape now,

No different planets to console me.

No blue eyed beauty to elevate my soul,

And no friendships there to better me.


I am alone, alone in this nightmarish reality,

Gone are the exits to my head, the purple skies,

The silver grass, the protective shadow standing on the hill.


The fears will escape and the grayness will take over,

And then, there will be nothing.


The End

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