The Rise and Fall of The Orchestra of Happiness

This is my story and how my world went from something almost perfect to something hellish and wrong because of unrequited love. If you want to add similar tales of sadness coz you need to vent you're welcome.

Look at what you see before you, the endless woods filled with rope swings and golden afternoons abundant with golden autumn sunshine and hours of fun. See how the long winding paths of my life weave in and out of that dull grey area which hums and festers on the outside, beyond the sunshine.


See this graveyard, for in every world there has to be death, a shadow once said that without death there is no progress, but I will come to that later. This first gravestone marks the death of a man who was the greatest and most important to me out of all the others, the man who understood, who saw that I was special and he cherished it.


That shadow I referred to earlier used to stand on the biggest hill over there, but that shadow has returned to the grey area now- this new shadow is an addition to a long line of shadows that belong unknowingly to both the grey area and this world at the same time.


There are imperfections in every world, sometimes the twisted monsters in this cage escape and try to tear this world to the ground so there is nothing but grey, but the invisible force that I don't know stops them from causing too much untold damage. Quick, see that one just there, how it hisses and squeaks and explodes- or that silhouette there that quivers silently and waits until the storm comes. And then there is the worst, who doesn't need the storm, it lingers in the dark corners of the cage and waits until the world is at nightfall.


This world is mine, the mist behind my eyes that I disappear to. But take a look at the monsters of this world and the shadow on the hill- imagine the unknown invisible force that splits off this world from the grey area, picture the endless woods filled with unbelievably high rope swings that I never fall from and you will see why I escape. This world was not created by me, it was created for me, by that unknown invisible force, because the nightmarish reality of the grey area can get far, far too much for someone looking at it through a broken window.

The End

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