After Kiya and Kaliki were married, peace continued to settle among Avlon. Soon after Kiya’s wedding, a wedding was held for Raúl and Meko. The Kingdom lived in peace and harmony for several years. Kiya soon gave birth to three daughters, and Raúl had a son. Kiya’s eldest daughters, her twins, were named Catalina and Natalia. Her youngest daughter was named Luna. Raúl named her son Janus. It was said by the palace oracle that the youngest of the girls would betray her family and her kingdom for the sake of having power. No one, however, could focus on the prophecy because a more ancient power was rising from the shadows of legends and myths. It was said that the Dragon Amulet had been found by a young magician by the name of Luke.

Rumors flew around the villages until at last they reached the palace. It was said that Luke was the son of Menari, and that he was planning to wreak havoc on Korth and his family as revenge for his father’s murder. Korth did not believe that these rumors were true because Menari had served him, and he had not known that Menari had had a son. He consulted the oracle and she said, “Your most trusted magician betrayed you. Luke is indeed Menari’s son. He is every bit as powerful as his father, even though he is young. Be wary of him, because he has every intention of destroying you from within your castle.” After hearing what the oracle said, Korth sent forth more than forty men to find the boy named Luke. After months of searching for him the soldiers returned to the palace and reported to Korth that Luke could not be found. Korth remained wary of Luke, for he did not know how he would choose to attack and where he was. Soon, however, Korth forgot about Luke and the threat that he posed. He focused on helping to raise his grandchildren and keeping peace in Avlon. For years not a word was said of Luke. Catalina, Natalia, and Luna grew into beautiful young women and each had their special talents. Janus greatly favored his father, both in looks and his abilities. All of the children were trained in the magical arts and soon the prophecy of betrayal was forgotten as well.

Luke, however, did not forget the cruel murder of his father. He used his magic to alter his features and stayed in a town near the palace. He often saw the four royal children in the city, always accompanied by their many guards. Soon he heard from a poor beggar the prophecy of betrayal. He soon recognized Lady Luna as the youngest of her sisters, and at once he decided to use her innocence and youth to destroy her family.

The End

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