The Rings


Before the Great War that split Avlon, King Korth and Queen Vasili ruled the kingdom and there was peace. The royal daughters, Lady Raúl and Lady Kiya, grew up happily in the palace together. But, soon a single magician began to warp the minds of other men, causing them to rebel against Korth. Korth chose to have those men executed, and thus began the war. Some of the magicians worked together against Korth, as did many of the men. There were those who remained loyal to Korth, but only because of what he promised them. The war raged for months, in which entire villages would be robbed and burned to the ground. This continued until at last Korth was killed. Soon after Lady Kiya was sent away from the palace for fear that she would be used to bring Korth back. The palace oracle said, “A day will come when Lady Kiya will return to Balkan Ramas, and she will bring with her a flood of crimson.” It was feared by many that Kiya would cause the death of the country. Many people felt that she should be sent away, never to return. Soon this prophecy was forgotten, and both girls grew up away from each other. But what the oracle had said was true; Kiya would return to her birth home, and she would bring terrible destruction.


The End

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