I heard the creaking and rattling of carriage wheels on this lonely path. I didn't look up, only guessed that Mr. Milestone was on his way into his town.

"Good day, Jeffery," I heard someone say. I realized, too late, that the carriage had come to a stop. I looked up to see Mr. Milestone standing over me.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Milestone," I replied hastily, slipping on a polite mask.

After chatting for a moment, Mr. Milestone insisted I come with him to town. I was perfectly ready to decline, but when he mentioned his daughter, my interest peaked and I simply could not resist the opportunity. So, doing my best not to sound eager, I sighed and reluctantly agreed.

To my surprise, though, Miss Milestone had a change of heart and was rather rude. I pondered this for a while, until Mr. Milestone, much to my displeasure, interrupted the silence and began his constant chattering once again. There was nothing that man loved more than his own voice, except maybe his daughter.

A short while later, though it seemed much longer than it was in reality, the carriage lurched to a stop and Mr. Milestone said, "Well, I'm afraid I have business to attend to. Kasey, do pick up some bread and milk for Miss Samantha. She alerted me that we are running low. I'll meet you at home this evening. Good day, Jeffery."

The End

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