It Couldn't Be

The sun was finally starting to set, and my mind wandered towards my father, probably worrying himself with where  I could be. I suppose I must be getting home right now.

I stood and stretched for only the third time that day. My legs were stiff from remaining still for so long, and my neck ached horribly.

One thought alone consumed my mind upon my small journey home.

Only one person had passed me today. But Catherine couldn't be the one. Excuse me; I believe I meant Cath couldn't be the one. She could not be the one the dream spoke of. She was so... well; first off, she's a girl. Secondly, she's a pampered and spoiled girl. She couldn't handle traveling through dense, unknown forest, half starving, and covered in filth. And, she wouldn't even be able to break the law and cross. Not when her father was the mayor, the man who set the l aw into action, the law that forbid the crossing.

No, it couldn't be Cath. But it had to be. Our paths crossed today, and she was the only one to pass me. The only one.

The dream had said that whoever passed me was the person who was to accompany me.

I was walking up the dirt path that led to my father's small cabin now. The sun had vanished now, and most of the day's heat with it.

"How did it go, Jeff? Did you find the person in the Dream?" My father asked as I let the door slam loudly behind me.

"Yes, father. I did," I said plainly.


"It was Catherine Milestone."

My father's mug fell to the floor. Thankfully, it had been empty. Silence dominated the small home for a minute. The faint noise of commotion in the center of town was all that was to be heard.

"Well, how do you think you're going to get the little miss to go with you?" my father asked after an excessively long period of time passed.

"I haven't the slightest clue," I replied, my mind baffled by the quest ahead of me.

The End

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