The Rift

Dimensions. We talk about them, we study them. But what do we really know about them. How can we know the inner workings of a dimension. And what can this information offer us.
Lets just hypothesize that dimensions not only run on a horizontal line, where every dimension runs exactly parallel in time to the one that is next to it, but that they also run vertically as well.
That being the case if we were able to travel through dimensional rifts we would not only be able to travel to an alter ego world but also through time, in not only our world but so many others. If you don't apply the laws of time to dimensions than it is entirely possible to travel anywhere, at any point in time, into any situation, no matter how fantastical it may seem.
In fact lets say that dimensions run at every single angle of degrees down to a finite pinpoint measurement. That way every second, of every day, of every world, of every situation, is recorded into a dimension. Maybe even a millisecond, maybe when you thought the word pizza, you would be able to travel to that point in time, in any situation you would want. I.e. you were thinking about pizza while winning the lottery, you were thinking about pizza while riding a dinosaur, you were thinking about pizza while coming into complete world domination.
If you follows these 'non-laws' than the sky is the limit. Your alter egos will be doing anything you could imagine at the same time that you are sitting here reading this.
Flaws though right, there are always flaws. For example what says that every single person would be thinking about pizza at the exact same time. Its you but the situation bars that you can't be doing or thinking the exact same thing in every horizontal parallel dimension based on your situation, maybe you're even dead.
Also that raises more questions. If you're the same person in every dimension how can one soul exist, because if you died in one dimension but lived in another your soul would be caught in limbo until all your selves died.
Basically if we were to travel to other dimensions even bring something from another dimension here, it would cause a rift. A rift that in scientific terms, would be based on improbability. Its improbable that any of these things are possible, therefore if we discover that they are it would end all existence as WE know it now.

We're going to travel now, to a world parallel to ours. It is exactly like ours in many ways, except for one. Communism was picked up by the American government from the Soviets. And being at the time the Americans were and still are the most powerful military force in the world, and then had the assistance of China, Russia and Cuba, world domination was quickly had.
You are the same person as you are now, but imagine yourself as the same person under the constraints of a world government. WOG as they like to call themselves: The World Organization of Governments.
Freedom is a well forgotten memory. From the moment you are born you are given a tattoo bar code that registers you for which school you go to, what job you end up having and where you live and shop.
There are three classes of living standards. The Working Class, The Army Class, and The Government Class. Its pretty self explanatory, WC is basically you. You live to work, you get up, go to work building and repairing, maintaining and cleaning, or planting and growing. You keep the world maintained and fed.
The AC is a separate group grown and bred specially for security and control.
GC is the top of the heap, the most intelligent minds, based on tests created by the Government to weed out the bad eggs into working class and then find the select few who have the IQ ability to do what is necessary to keep the world under control.
GC not only runs the nations but also are the developers of new technology. And thats where we start off.
GC has been working on dimensional door ways. they've managed to create doors to dimensions withing a few parallels of their own. So far they've managed to bring through some very nasty things.
Including a group of beasts that world calls changelings. Its a special creature that can change from tiny to snarling, bulky and blood thirsty in seconds.
WOG found them years ago and was able to breed and train them for one purpose, control. They're used to obliterate rioters and as a curfew tool.
See WOG believes that a hard worker is a well rested worker. Therefore they had implemented a curfew of six pm. When the sun begins to set.
When they found the changelings, they also found an excellent way to make sure any stragglers were made an example of. The changelings are set free at six pm. Anyone found out on the street or outside their home at that time, are shown no mercy. They're ripped to shreds and eaten.
The changelings are still hard to control at times, so they will break through unsecured or unlocked doors as well into homes feasting on anyone inside. WOG saw this as a necessary evil.
See even in their dimension they use the saying, to make an omelet, you've got to break a few eggs.
It was a pain for them when work went down by 10% due to the fact that half the workers were digesting inside the bodies of the changelings. But with some changes to the security doors on each of the WC homes, this problem was soon remedied.
It was now a case of making sure your home was locked, and properly maintained. If the changeling was able to break in than it was the home owner's fault and their whole family should suffer that mistake.
The environment was cruel but that was WOG.
What they didn't realize that was with their meddling they had created a small rift. It was only a pinhole at the time, due to the fact that the WOG hadn't tried to come in contact with any other peoples, they just took things they needed.
But the more they took the bigger the hole had gotten. Now it had reached the size of a large tire, and its growth was beginning to speed up.
Eventually it would be large enough to swallow worlds. And thats where our story begins...

The End

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