The Impossible Posse RidesMature

Felix pushed his way through the swinging doors of the town's only hotel; there he paused briefly, letting his eyes adjust to the dim light. To his left he spotted two strangers sitting at a table. The older of the two was shuffeling a deck of cards.

Felix shuffed over to their table. Before reaching them he noticed both men were armed. "Gentlemen," he called out.

The man shuffeling the cards laid them on the table, his hands sliding beneath the table. "Gentlemen," Felix repeated. "The sheriff needs a posse. A little girl was abducted." his words spilled out like a fountain. "Sheriff needs some riders, the little girl is only fourteen, and they shot her dad."

The two men exchanged glances, then from behind them, coming down the stairs, a voice boomed out. "What's going on, Wyatt? I''ve heard some shots."

"Ain't no rest for the wicked," Virgil said, climbing to his feet. "Come on, Wyatt, you too, Doc. These good folks could use our help." Wyatt ran a hand down his mustache and slid back in his chair. He shook he head and muttered, "Dammit"

The End

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