Day Three: Someplace That You Won't Fear

I awoke suddenly. It was as though something had awakened me. And then I remembered the dream…

I was there, in a field of dull green grass, but my allergies were not starting up as they normally did. I felt free. Then I saw the castle in the distance, dark, illuminated only by single pegs of light as spots at the windows.

Suddenly, I was there, at the castle. I felt afraid, I felt cold too, cold sweeping all over me, spreading into my heart. Leo and Esmie appeared, silently beckoning me forward as if they were ghosts. They led me into that dark, gloomy castle, through endless rooms of faceless figures in night robes and silver-white armour that hurt my eyes and ears as it creaking restlessly, impossible sunlight bouncing off the plates.

The journey was wearing, but, in a way, I didn’t want to stop, for I knew that as soon as we stopped, I’d lose my companions. Even so, against my will, Leo and Esmie stopped outside a decaying room. It was my bedroom, all in black cobweb sheets, shadows of the objects I’d grown to love looming to take the place of the actual, familiar objects.

My friends turned their expressionless heads to me, eyes black, and lifted up mirrored hands in an unfeeling wave. The individuals vanished and I felt my soul grow black and lonely. My scream was lost in the castle, but not in my mind.

I woke. And that was when I had the brainwave.


Sky was in an excited mood today. It was 10 past 9 when she bounced round to my house and proceeded to aid me in my morning wake-up process. When I dressed, she called Leo and we were all sitting, gathered around the objects in my bedroom, before she finally told me why she was so active.

“I’ve had an idea!”

“What for?” Leo boggled.

“For the riddle. You know, I’ve been thinking it over and something finally came to me,” she blushed, “It’s actually a bit silly…”

“Go on…you have an idea where we should hunt for the next clue?”

She blushed again, this time beaming too.

“Yeah. It may sound morbid but…I think we should go to a graveyard-”

“What?” Leo and I both exclaimed.

“Well, what is it that many people fear? Death. I know that I’m scared of the end; I don't even like walking beside graves.”

“’And go someplace that you won’t fear…’” I remarked, “The riddle probably wants us to overcome one of our fears before we continue.”

“Yeah…” Sky muttered, tucking a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear, “So, what do you think?”


It was ridiculous. I mean, not to be biased, but how were we supposed to find a little piece of paper amongst the dead?

Plus it was too freaking scary!

At least we were heading out in daylight, rather than the middle of the night. I didn’t dare to think of all the victims in those zombie movies I’d seen. At least zombies make an immense splatter when they are killed in games like ‘Zombie Force’!

The cemetery was on the outskirts of town, up a small escarpment, not dead like I expected, but rather lush. The rows of grey slate were spread with a touch of bright flowers, and the wire gate threatened to fall off its hinges as Sky pushed it open.

The End

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