Day Two: The River Mouth

10am sharp. Day two. The River Mouth.

At first it seemed that our search would be fruitless; Leo bored, Sky unable to find anything and me puzzled over the other parts of the poem. What on Earth do they mean? Then suddenly I spotted something vital.

“Look,” I said, pointed towards a floating bottle, tied to a tree-trunk and bobbing slowly up and down…up and down…in the water…Wow! It was kind of hypnotising…

“Hang on, stop. What are we actually doing here; it’s a silly idea you know,” said Leo rudely.

“I don’t know…” The bottle was still bobbing and hypnotising, “It just feels right to be here…”

“Well, I don’t think it is!” Snapped Leo.

“Guys!” Sky interrupted our argument, “We shouldn’t fight. I-I think that’s what whoever set up this riddle wants us to do. They’re trying to stop us from getting any further.”


Well I think that’s stupid. Seriously, if someone sets up a riddle-game for people to follow then they would want people to find the end of this riddle, right? …Right?

Sky did the sensible thing and took the stupid bottle out of the water. It was still attached to the tree-trunk though. Oh, darn! I still think this whole thing is a prank, but Esmie suddenly piped up, “There you will stop and wonder what your doing!”


“It’s what the previous riddle said. Look,” she pulled the piece of riddle out her pocket and the two of us looked down at the funny writing. That’s right, that is what it said. Freaky! It’s like the writer knew we would question what we were doing here.

“Hey guys, there’s definitely something in here!”

We turned to Sky, who was battling with the rope tying the bottle to the tree-trunk. She leant over towards the water, still pulling at it, when suddenly-*splash*-the next thing we knew, she had fallen into the water!


So old rope breaks when you pull it firmly, then? “I’ve got it,” I said, holding the piece of parchment high above my head and out of the water so it didn’t get wet. The others tried to get sticks across for me to hang on to, but the water wasn’t too deep where I was, and the current wasn’t that strong. I passed them the parchment, saying, “Don’t worry about me,” then, spluttering and soaked, climbed out.

“So what does it say?” I asked the two who were looking intently at the old piece of puzzle. This is what it said:


“So you found me at the River Top,

Did you stop to wonder why you’re here?

Next you’ll need to get a brain that won’t stop,

And go someplace that you won’t fear.”


“Look, now it’s the ‘a’s and ‘e’s that are different.” I noticed, my hair dripping over the paper a bit.


“And go someplace that you won’t fear. What? I don’t get it. What do you fear, Esmie?” Leo has just asked me.  I don’t know? The dark. We’re still puzzling it over now as I write  this. Will post more when we get any further.

The End

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