The Riddle of the Riddle

this story's about 3 friends who find a riddle on a school trip and decide to follow it to see where they end up - in an adventure!


We're all sitting on my bed, Esmerelda(Esmie), Leo and I. The reason why we're here is that we were trying to work out a riddle - one that will hopefully take us to another one...and another, and so on. You're probably wondering who we all are and how we got a riddle so here's the back-story.Oh wait, I fogot to tell you about us, I'll just go and beg the others to do a factfile on themselves...okay here's Esmie's:

  • Name: Esmerelda Swan
  • Age: 12 years old
  • Describe yourself in 3 words: bubbley, girly, fun!
  • Fave colour: lilac
  • Fave food: chocolate
  • Fave drink: fanta
  • Intrests: clothes, fashion, style, beauty
  • Hobbies: talking, shopping, designing + making clothes, MSN-ing
  • Fave school subjects: art, textiles

Right thats Esmie and here's Leo...

  • Name - Leo Paul Jackson
  • Age - 12
  • Describe yourself in 3 words - adventurous, fun, cheeky
  • Fave colour - green
  • Fave food - burgers
  • Fave drink - coke
  • Intrests - freaky facts, any running sports
  • Hobbies - football, rugby, MSN-ing, playing drums
  • Fave school subjects - games, music

And now me:

  • Name: Sky Natalie Wood
  • Age: 12 years old
  • Describe yourself in 3 words: a tomboy, funloving, unique
  • Fave colour: turquoise
  • Fave food: cold pizza
  • Fave drink: dr. pepper
  • Intrests: DIY(woodwork and stuff like that, NOT fixing up toilets!), tennis
  • Hobbies: DIY, tennis, reading, MSN-ing

Now you know everyone, we can go onto the back-story.


Its Esmie now... Sky said she was bored so now I'm writing. Anyway, here's our back-story:

It was 20th June and our school - Northbound High - was going on a trip to Northbound Castle so Miss Green was telling us about the castle and what to do."RIGHT! Get yourself into 3's or 4's and go around making notes on the castle. Now that you're in high school we're trusting you to be on your own without an adult supervising. Off you go!" I looked round at the other two and smiled - I knew we were all thinking the same thing; us three would be together as we always were.

It was 12:30 when Leo, Sky and I were about half way round the caslte and decided to stop and have lunch. Whilst we were having it, Leo noticed something sticking out inbetween two stones; I personally thought it was nothing and so did he, so he left it where it was, but Sky thought differently and pulled it out.

" Hey, guys! It's definitly not nothing!" She exclaimed," It's a peice of parchment with what looks like a poem or riddle on it. I'll read it out:"

"You found this at Northbound castle ruins,

The next place you need to go is down South,

There you will stop and wonder what your doing,

Down down at the river mouth."

"Here - take a look - there are different bits that are...well, different."

" Yeah, I see what you mean... but we can look at it at my house after school if your both free, now we need to get on and finish going round the castle, we've only got an hour left!"Sky said, suprised.

So, there's our back-story. Wait a sec I'm going to ask Leo to write, my hand's hurting!


This is Leo now, is case you don't know...Esmie's just had an idea to just go down to the river mouth and search there, I've just said that I like the idea even though I think it's all a prank, so we're going to go down tomorrow at 10am. Right I'll give this back to Sky now 'cause I'm going home for tea.


Yay! We're going down to the river-- oh, I've just seen that Leo's wrote that down too. Oh, well I just can't wait until tomorow, even if Leo thinks that its a prank, it'll still be fun!!  


The End

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