The Rich and the Poor

it is about how a young teacher who found herself in an affluent school and works hard to help her students realize that poverty and affluence are social statuses that could change over night hence the need to be careful what we thought about people in a different status group.

miss barnes was enjoying teaching the Senior Class today. unlike other periods, this Science class in the morning. the weather was good for studying the rich subject she was always proud of teaching. she took her time to explain every point to her students.

this mornings lecture Electricity. after the third subtopic was done with, she asked the class if there was anyone who had problems with the topic. she waited for a few seconds and when no raised hand was in the air, she decided to continue with her sucint explanations. but just before she could speak, an arm flashed up from the corner. it was Michael the Brilliant.

"Yes Mike, what is your problem?" she asked him

"Please madam, will you get electrocuted if you held your breath before touching an electric conductor...?"

but rather than answer the question, she laughed and chuckled gently.

The End

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