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The tale is horror based, a woman looks into a mirror what happens next. Oops that would be telling. The mirror has come from another time, and place. The information will be revealed as you read along. I would like to make it a collaboration. Anyone out there desiring to come on in.

The Ribbon of Darkness

"The mirror has been sold!"the auctioneer declares as he looks at the woman who has bought the mirror. He wipes his brow, trying to remove the sweat that is running from his brow.


He feels fortunate that... That mirror is out of his hands.  He can still hear the voices wailing for him to slay the woman in the audience.  The voices romantize the feeling that he fighting to coax out of his system.

 When he first laid eyes on it, he saw a hand, in the sleeve of the shirt and jacket he wore.  Holding a knife driving it into the chest of his wife, he felt elated doing this.  He felt his hand fall onto her chest.  She screamed, blood blossomed and poured from the wound. Yet; when he looked at her, there was no knife's hilt protruding from her chest, or blood running from the wound. That he had seen his hand create in her.  She smiled as she looked at him.

He recalled reading the report of the police as they entered the establishment where this mirror was found.  It was in the possession of a man who swore, he was tormented to kill the nine people by the voices that came from the mirror. He saw the images of how they should be killed.  He did not touch the dagger that they found jutting from one of the woman's chests.  When they finger printed the knife it was a complete reversal to his fingers that were near the knife as if they were a mirror image of his hand that was nearst the knife.  

He was sickened by what he read. He too was hearing the voices of the mirror.  The voices were both of men and women, that were talking to him, when he looked at the mirrors etching, he could swear that the eyes of the horned figure was looking at him, there was no where he could hide to be away from those eyes.  They hung on him as a noose does a body.


"Dear, are you sure! You want that mirror. Look at the relief etched into it, those look like screaming faces.  The face at the top looks to be a human with goat horns protruding from its head, its mouth is looking as if he or she is laughing,  However why?" Terrance asked, as he looked at the mirror, that I had just bought at the auction.  

The auctioneer smiles. his smile sent a chill down my bare back, I shivered as the auctioneer moved on to the next item up for bid. The gown I was wearing was a floor length affair.  Satin an open bodice with pearls to accent my neck.and silk floral sleeves, The mirror had come from a house of a man who was demonically possessed.  

"When he was exorcised," Terrance warns, "the demon was in the mirror,  What happened he did not dare to express what had happened.  When they entered the room, where the mirror was a few bodies were found without their organs  in their bodies. " Terrance asks to try and change my mind into not buying it,

His shirt had blood on his sleeves, his face was distorted, blood stained his face, and arms.  His chest and top of his shirt was coated in blood. I did not mind getting the mirror as I have been studying the occult. I know the story, that was why I was here.  To get the mirror, I too had read the story, that was why I was buying it, was that reason.

I veiw the occult as being a thing that supernatural  things do not exist.  I think, that these things occur because you have dabbled in halliocenogenes.  I know, most people will take a dim veiw of this. Infact, I shoudl be aware that I will have wrankled the fur of several of those who are there, watching me.  Acquire the mirror.

The people who found him, and the bodies swore he was criminaly insane.  Not possessed, the clergy agreed that he was possessed as he was speaking in tongues, able to contort his body, beyond the potentail that a human could do. He levaited.  

I felt that it was an exageration.  Of what he had done.  He was well off, so that might be the reason, that the exorcist swore he was a ... POssessed.  

My husband looked at me as if I was unable to fathom, what he was thinking, than again five mill for a mirror is a little expensive. But I have the money to throw around, Am I not wealthy enough to do this,

"Where are we going to put it?" he asked,

"i will have to think about that  for a moment!" I suggested.

"Just where?" he asked again.

'I hated it when he nags me.  Like he is now, but I had an idea.  The bed room, where we make out.  I know, my mother would object, if she was to see it.  Where she would not go, our bed room.   So, that is where it should go?' I thought as I pulled on the cuffs of my satin elbow length gloves.  Looked at the door, through which we had come.

 The mirror was eight feet in circumfriance.  It was eledgedly cursed by a gypsy.  I did not believe that fable, for a second.

I bought it, true it was for a cool five mill.  Than again it was my husbands enheritance, that I was spending the stingy buzzard, he was most depraved.  I got all I could get from him, the reason I had this wealth was due to fatct I out lived him.  I did not think he was worth any penny of it. He got it through his father dieing.  I suspected he killed him to get it. 




The End

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