The MeetingMature

Cpl. Lacey, Daniel

August 1, 2100 -Just east of Cascada, Africa.

Journal Entry #2

    I have just arrived east of Cascada at the second front. I have been given a mission to recover intelligence, through any means possible, from the resistance team fighting through apartment buildings. My current intelligence documents state that snipers are present, as well as heavy machine gunners. On my drive in here, I witnessed the execution of 12 civilians by some Canadian soldiers. I was told it had to be done in order to keep all of these happenings a secret. I am just now realizing how important this is for the government, and I have just witnessed the extreme they will go to to get it. They killed women and children, the men had already died or were missing in action at the moment.

    Where I am stationed now is in some small dugout, hastily build for cover. It is a shallow cave with mud walls and filled with two cots and a small table. A small light sits on the table, casting a weird blue onto the walls. Looking at it makes me realize more about our society in the West. Over the last 200 years (1900-2100), we have had war after war. Since the early twenty first century, we have had no major inventions or cures for diseases. It is all because our governments have spent millions on militaries, and not health care and other important things. I hope that after I'm done here, I'll be able to destroy these documents and let the world know the truth. For now, it is way too risky. Tomorrow I am going into meet the resistance soldiers, so my next entry may be in a few days.

The End

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