Dumisa: Taking back what is ours , and little moreMature

I did what I was told and made my way to the easter front. I crawled on a high pile of rubbel to see the bloody mess. It was a particularly wide road filled with bodies from both sides, bullet casings and shells, shrapnel flames.  from the windows of long abandonned houses was the resistance and Cascade fighting it out.  Underneath my pile of rubbel was to resistance member taking cover behind a make shift foxhole. It was made of few tables, a fire hydron, two shopping carts filled with sandbags. 

The group was pinned there from snipers I moved quicky into a half blown up building on my right. Dodging sniper, and assualt rifle bullets.  In the building was several wounded resistance men and there squad members either covering for them or doing first aid on them.One takes cover at the front enterance taking a few shots then hiding behind the wall.  I take cover on the opposite wall of his at the enterance. 

" I need you to cover me. I'm going to get to the building adjacent , and take back what ours. It won't work if you don't cover me okay." I order him

He looks terrified but he understands , and has my back.  I quikly feed the carbine a new clip and dart out the enterance.  As soon as I get out of the enetrance its like a shower of bullets. Ahead of me his a pile of dropped sandbags. I dive behind it and quikly shower the enemy windows, and continue on to there building. The man I told to cover me was holding his ground. It looked like he took a few out while he was at it.  As I run into their building I shoot the soldiers in the torso. They looked surprised and scared.  Obviously they thought they killed me.  I run upstairs and take the snipers out.

This freed up a bunch of the resitance to take the rest of the block. As we did we stole whatever supplies we could get from them before they move back. What I did was brave but if luck wasn't on my side right now I would be lieing dead in the middle of the road.

The End

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