The TruthMature

Cpl. Lacey, Daniel

June 28, 2100 -Just outside new region of Cascada, Africa.

Journal Entry #1.

    My worst fear has been proven to be a reality; our leaders in the west have been lying to us! I am now here to evaluate the devastation for my country, Canada. I am now not sure if i should tell the government, or if i should somehow tell the people who need to know! This is an explanation of my travels into the city of Bircana, which now is completely controlled by Cascada.

    Just two short days ago I was sent on the mission into the city. I arrived at the crumbled gates at noon. As a I crawled through a hole in its wall, i could smell the acrid smell of burnt flesh. I took a sharp right, bypassing a huge pile of rubble, and wandered into a small square. Bullets shot over my head and i jumped into a small space behind some rubble. There, i found a man holding a slightly torn letter. Apparently, he was the mayor of the city. He had shrapnel wounds in his chest, most likely from a grenade. I still have that letter. I stayed in that general area until noon, watching soldiers move about. I also seen some kid taking pot-shots at armoured soldiers. He blasted some of them to pieces, then i hid before he saw me. When I went to look back up again, he was gone. Only the broken bodies of his enemies rested in place. I now only hope he is not my enemy, too. I have heard horror stories of what they do to Westerners, especially soldiers...

The End

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