Bang!  A grenade blows up my friends and fellow resitance members. I raise an a carbine with a scope. Back in its day it used to be the most general weapon given to troops because of all the adaptions you could give it.  I take aim and shoot some heavily armed men. One dropped dead the others body armour took the impact. He fire a whole entire clip into my vicinity.  I dropped under a wall in time to dodge the storm of lead.  Although I did recieve a flesh wound on my shoulder. While the enemy soldier reloads I blow his brains out.

" Thats what you get for killing the innocent." I mutter running through the war torn city.

I could hear some fellow resistance members AK 47. But from the sounds of the enemy rifles they where being overun. As I was running I ran into one of the resistance leaders.

" Dumisa reporting in. My team is dead. The bastards killed them." I say trying to keep my dismay and my anger to myself.

" Report to eastern front. We are getting beaten heavily."  He says

Its funny I have an old african name but I speak very much like west. I guess the western empire had influenced us all. Now it was time to stop it.

The End

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