The RevolutionMature

I'm hoping for this to be a good, and my first, collaborative story. It will be based on a new world, this earth but completely different, with many Empires. The story is in the future.

    Again, I can hear the distant crackle of an ak47. I do not move, scared for my life, I lie face down in the mud behind a pile of bricks in the city square. This is how I survive everyday now, by hiding from the army that ruined my city.

    "This is the year of Cascalda..." I said to myself as i starred at my reflection in the shattered mirror beside me. Cascada is my enemy, our enemy I should say. It is the newest Empire looking for global expansion, but I'm sure you know nothing about it over there. The West is blinded by politics, they do now see what Africa looks like now. I will tell you my story, to the best of my ability, but I will not be alive much longer to finish this for you. If luck prevails, my story will be found by someone who can finish it for me, and for you.

    My name is James, and I am the mayor of this city. I live in the remains of the town hall for I fear execution by these new soldiers. I do not even know where they came from, or why they want us dead, but I do know that they started an empire that they hope will control the world. The West wants peace with them, so they ship supplies and feed the Western people propaganda that we, the people of Nish are evil. The truth is that we did not want this.

    I can now hear them coming, I will be dead soon. Please continue with my story, before we are all dead!

The End

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