Three Steps to Revenge

Johan Becker was angry. He absolutely could not stand America at this point. He believed his grandfather deserved a lifetime. He believed Germany deserved rights. He believed the United States needed to pay for what they did to Germany.

Johan thought that there was only one way the Germans could get revenge on the United States. Take away their rights, and their lives, and their reasons to ever be happy. Becker wanted to tell the Americans that they were as worthless as he thought they were. Becker did not think the Americans deserved to live as anything except slave labor, and that is exactly what he had planned.

Becker knew this was going to be difficult, but he was planning on taking over every American who dares to walk upon the streets of Germany. Johan would start in Munich, and then go to Berlin. Becker thought he could do this in 3 simple, easy steps.  The first step would be to create a potion. Something so powerful that it can brainwash even the smartest and strongest of humans.  The next step would be to find the Americans, and get them to drink the potion. The final step would be to send these brainwashed Americans back to the United States to destroy the Government. 

Johan Becker was ready to start as soon as possible. The first thing he would need to  do is to create the potion. He went directly to the hotel he was staying at in Berlin, and got right to work. This plan was going to be PURE evil and was going to get the Americans back for the death of his Grandfather, Great-Grandfather, and Germany's rights as a country.

The End

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