The Revenge of Johan Becker

This story is about a man German named Johan Becker who lost his grandfather when he fought in World War II, and lost his great-grandfather when he fought in World War I. Becker wants to get revenge on the Americans who he blamed for the loss of his father and grandfather, so he kidnaps every American Tourist he can find and sends them to a remote Island in the Pacific, where he gives them a potion that enslaves them. Becker sends these people back to America, in an attempt to take over America.

Berlin, Germany, 2:00 PM, May 24th, 2043:

It has been 33 years since Johan Becker has been in Berlin. 

33 years ago was the 100 year anniversary of his great-grandfathers death. He stands outside the League of Nations hall, the very same hall that the League of Nations met in before Germany invaded Sudetenland.  The same hall that the Germans were forced to sign the Versailles Treaty in on June 28th of 1919. In Becker's opinion, the League of Nations hall was the place where the Germans lost there rights as a country and the place where the rest of the countries teamed up to try and take over Germany. Johan thought that the real country that had deserved all the hatred that Germany faced within those 4 decades was the Power-Hungry, Selfish Americans. As Johan walked passed this building, he glared at the American Flag and spat on it.

Johan Becker walked away from the building, rushing passed crowds of American Tourists. He hid his face in shame of the defeat of Germany in World War II. He rushed passed large crowds of American Tourists, and he turned back and spat towards them as he passed them.

"Those idiot Americans striding passed that hall where the greediness of their Grandparents and Great-Grandparents took away from Germany," Becker exclaimed, "Why  they look at that building with a prestigious smile and stride right past it, as if the greedy choices they made does not take away from their right to live! I best use them as slave labor so they can fulfill their purpose in life!"

Becker walked past the Americans and continued until he reached the German Veteran Graveyard. He walked passed many admirable German Soldiers until he got to his grandfather. Army Colonel Joseph Becker. His Grandfather died on December 16th, 1944, fighting America in the Battle of the Bulge. He was shot in the head by an American Army General, and died after 2 hours. Johan looked at his grandfathers grave, and read a note that he noticed:

"I lie here for the rest of eternity, but I die proud because I fought for my country. I may have lost billions in the depression before the war, but I was able to keep my dignity. I thought that Germany deserved the rights it was not getting, and I fought for the Germans rights. I am honored to say I died in this war, and that I gave my life to a good cause. I may not have a lot of money to give, but I want my children, my grandchildren, my great-grandchildren, and anybody else who reads this to hold on to your dignity, and be able to hold your head up high because you did something that makes you proud."

Becker wiped his tears after he read that note. He was certain that there was only one way he could honor his grandfather, make himself proud, and fight for the rights of Germany. He could never say he died with his dignity unless he accomplished what he said he wanted to. The only way he could ever make himself proud would be to accomplish this goal. The only way he could ever die with pride and dignity is to get revenge for the loss of his grandfather, his great-grandfather, and most importantly, the rights of Germany. Johan Becker needed to get revenge on the Americans.

The End

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