The Return to Terra page two

The wisp reported that the time on Terra had passed by 100 years by the time it had arrived. This presented a problem. Trying to reach Terra via the ancient portal wasn't going to work out as planned. Additionally, he had managed to track down Bald Face's descendants. They lived in a city called Gotham. Aurora headed to the library to research other ways to travel, and ways to better pinpoint a scrying pool target. After a week of intense research and lots of trial and error, she cobbled together a new spell. It transformed a scrying pool into a portal to the location the user was viewing. However, it was a one way portal, due to the nature of scrying being a one way ordeal. She needed a liaison to interact with the Men, something that could blend in better than she could. She recalled that her favorite professor of biology at the Dragon University had been keeping tabs on Terra and removing suitably large populations of endangered species over the years. He would bring them to New Avalon, give them sentience and the ability to speak and send them on their way after informing them of their situation. Many of the species he brought had evolved over the years and absorbed the magic of the land, augmenting their natural abilities. She thought back to the tigers. Perhaps, she could check with the professor to see if had rescued any of them. So Aurora made her way down the hillside, through the blue and purple shrubbery and into the science wing of the university. She went straight to the professor's office, and knocked three times, waiting patiently for him to open the door. She didn't have to wait very long, before the familiar sight of deep red scales and green eyes of Professor Syanth greeted her warmly. "Aurora! What a pleasant surprise! What brings my star pupil to see me today?" He asked. "I was wondering if you had rescued any Tigers from Terra, I want to meet some of them!" Aurora replied. "Hrrmmm....Let me take a look at my records. Ah, it seems I did. A lot of them in fact, Men have a fondness for their furs, but not so much for the rest of them. Let's see here, the closest settlement is just past the mountains to the north." Syanth said. "Great! May I please have your permission to go see them?" Aurora asked with eager anticipation. "Of course you have my permission to go, but you have to do a favor for me while you're there." Syanth smiled, "please report on how they've adapted to their new home, they might have changed quite a bit in the past hundred years or so."just be sure to tell them I sent you, or else they might not be too happy to see you." Syanth replied. "Thank you Syanth! I'll be sure to take extra-accurate notes on how they've settled in!" Aurora said while walking towards the door. "Just one more thing Aurora. Be sure to tell them I sent you to check up on them, or they might hide from you." Syanth  called. "OK!" Aurora yelled back, as she was running full-speed down the hall. Aurora took the stairs up to the lookout tower, and without stopping, ran right off the edge! She dove down, and then opened her wings gliding up on thermal from the warm brick buildings below. She rode the thermals up, and then started for the northern mountains, wondering what she would find over the horizon...


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The End

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