The Return to Terra

I kinda just titled it loosely, suggestions for a better title would be most welcome.

A long, long, time ago in the days of dragons, and magic, a few days after Merlin had brought Arthur Pendragon to the Hollow Hill to be exact, the magical creatures held a Gathering. It was decided, that since man had breached Avalon, a new place of refuge was required. So, Oberon, the King of Avalon, pointed to a star and said “We shall make our new refuge there!” Then, all of the creatures channeled their magics into Oberon who transported them all to their new home. Many thousands of years passed on New Avalon, but only a few centuries went by on Earth. In the new-found peace, that none had seen in over 300 years, new children of every kind were born, and the People flourished. In time, the threat of Man became nothing more than a legend to scare children. However, there was one child in particular, a young ice dragon named Aurora who had an unusual interest in the land of old and the legend of Man. She was fascinated by the concept of creatures that existed without magic! She was particularly interested in the legend of Man, and decided to find out if there was any truth to it. So, she set up a secret scrying pool. Using the pool she tried to look at the Old Land, Earth. She succeeded but did not see anything that looked like a Man. Until one day, while she was watching a mother tiger and her cubs, there was a loud sound like thunder, and the mother tiger dropped dead! Aurora was puzzled. There was thunder, but there had been no lightning. Why was the tiger dead if no lightning had struck it? It was then that Aurora had her first glimpse of the the legendary Man. There were two of them and she looked at them carefully, taking in every detail. They looked much like Oberon and his people, but their ears were rounded, not pointed. Neither did they possess the grace of movement or the ability to speak with any creature. One was tall, had a furry lower face and a rounded out belly. The other was short, and thin with a bald face, more closely resembling a Child of Oberon. She gazed, transfixed as these strangely familiar creatures approached the tigers. She saw that they carried strange sticks with them; made of wood and metal fused together. The cubs, only a few weeks old, did not yet know how to hide unseen in the shadows. The Men approached and seemed to celebrate the death of the tiger mother. It was then that they noticed the cubs.

Furry Face, as she has named the taller Man, raised his stick and pointed it at the cubs. Bald Face (the shorter Man) saw Furry Face’s stick, and quickly pushed it away from the cubs. Then fire erupted from the end of the stick that had been near the cubs and the thunder sound was made again. With absolute horror, Aurora realized that the thunder-stick had been what killed the cub’s mother, and that Furry Face had almost used it to kill the defenseless cubs! But Bald Face had not let him do it. She wondered about the truth of the legends. It was clear from what she had just seen that not all Men were the ruthless, barbaric killers of legend. After all, Bald Face even now carried the cubs gently in his arms, climbing onto a hornless unicorn, where he cradled them like an Elf mother with her child. Aurora watched with amazement as he brought them to suckle on a black and white canine, standing guard against any that dare threaten. In the touching moments of watching the Man caring for the cubs, the scrying spell ended abruptly. Aurora had been so entranced; she had forgotten to renew the spell. In light of this new information about Man, Aurora decided to send a willow-the-wisp, to follow the Bald Face Man for her. She sent it through a small tear in the portal that her ancestors had come through, telling it to return in one year. The information the wisp returned with was shocking indeed.


The End

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