Eve quickly grabbed a seat,  napkin as she prepared for Denise's sentimental words. Every one laugh as Eve dramatically prepared herself. 

A big smile crept on Denise's face as she began to speak about Eve:

"I've known you for so long and I appreciate everything about you.  You are my prophyte! Without the bond you taught me and my line sisters we would have never crossed into Delta land and into the greatest sorority in the world.  Thank you!  You taught me my fashion sense and not to be afraid of success."

Denise took a deep breath as she reached into her soul and poured out pure emotion. Eve wiped her joyful tears. 

Denise continued, " things would had been so much worst in my life,  if you never stood in and helped me and John. It took me a few but I finally realized that you had to help John at Indulgence, and how you stopped all of your plans to help me in my time of need was amazing,  without you,  the bond of John and I would have ended.  You are extra ordinary and I'm blessed to be your sister and friend. "

Eve got up and walked over to her. Denise extended her arms as they hugged. 

Eve whispered in her ear,  "I love you and I'm always down for an adventure."

They both laughed as they returned to seats. 

"Cheers!!" They all said at once.

The End

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