Brown Sugar.

The five individuals sat around the glass dinning room table with laughter, joy and excitement surrounding them. Dan passed John a bottle of red wine, as a smooth  piano rendition of Lauryn Hill's 'The Sweetest Thing' played.  He began to pour the sensual red drink into Drexel's glass. 

She joyfully stated, "this is so delicious, I've never had pork chops like this. "

Eve calmly interrupted,  "Yes,  I totally agree with you,  Drexel!" Eve turned towards Dan and continued, " Is this traditional Italian food?"

Dan was infatuate with Eve's body language to pay any attention to her as she spoke.  The way her lips formed words,  and how her feelings laid against her skin. He was in a trance. 

Denise chuckled as Dan broke his train of thought, "Dan, she is talking to you?!"

Dan smiled as everyone giggled,  "Oh-h-h! Um! Ah!"

Dan tried to recover,  "I'm glad you guys like it.  I worked really hard on it.  And you can say it's a mixture of tradition and what I wanted to eat!"

The table laughed again. 

John smiled, "Well Eve, this is my grandma's recipe for pappa al pomodoro and that's some type of brown sugar pork chop."

Dan continued,  "I wanted to be safe and incorporate something not traditional,  the corns and mashed potatoes were extra,  just like the three different sauces over there."

Eve mentioned,  "well thank you for going out of your way to make this dinner satisfying and delicious. "

Dan whispered,  "Just like you. "

Drexel who heard Dan's sexual comment and was sitting in between Dan and Eve started to cough loudly. 

"Are you okay?"

"Yea, that last comment caught me off guard," Drexel said in between sips of her water.

Eve turned to Denise, "So! Has Denise told you gentlemen,  that we are attending Indulgence tonight, all on good terms."

John grabbed Denise's hand, "Dan and I assumed when you guys came looking like this. "

"Very beautiful, if I may add, " Dan said.

Denise giggled,  "Well I wanted to say as this crazy weekend ends, I am very appreciative of you all.  Yes we are going out tonight and shaking some booty cheeks!"

They finished up their dinner as they listened to her speak:

"Drexel, my sorority sister from Philly! Met you after that wack ass step show,  but the bond that grew is some thing irreplaceable.  Thank you for coming to my rescue when I thought I was strangled up here. "  

Drexel held up her glass as Denise turned her focus to Dan:

"I thank you for aiding Eve through her struggle this weekend,  and even though I don't know what the future knows,  I know it will be better with you in it. "

Dan held up his beer,  as Denise turned to Eve.

The End

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