Love More

She smiled and sat in awe and the girls dressed themselves for dinner tonight. 

"Denise, I see you over there, what are you thinking about. You've been so quiet since we left the hospital," Drexel mentioned. 

Denise smiled, "these few days have been so rough. I'm glad it's over and ending on a positive note."

Eve ran over and jumped on Denise. 

"I love you so much!" Eve yelled.

Drexel quickly followed and repeated Eve.

Denise kissed them both on their forehead, "Thank you girls for everything!"

Drexel smiled, "I love my sorors, my sisters, DST!"

Eve jumped and  turned on the radio. Love More by Chris Brown was playing. They all stood up and started to party walk in sync. Laughter filled the air as the gitls prepared themselves for the dinner party.  _____________________________________________________________

Dan smiled as he brushed a light brown sugar sauce against his tender pork chops. John watched his brother as he folded his cuffs back. 

Dan looked at John, "okay bro! I see you in the dress clothes! Why are you dressed up? It's just dinner."

John chuckled, "Um, I know for a fact that the girls are going to be dressed to the tip."

Dan said, "really?"

John smiled, "you have a good 20 minutes before the arrive."

Dan looked at the clock, "but it is 5 now?"

"Look outside... do you see them?" As Dan walked over to window, John finished "Denise and I took off another day for tomorrow,  so we probably leave tomorrow morning.  So we might return to Indulgence tonight. So go get dressed."  _____________________________________________________

Eve and the girls pulled up to Dan's house at 5:28pm.

Eve stepped out the car with a black cold shoulder lace body con dress and her hair blown out.  Drexel stepped out next with burgundy faux leather trim midi dress with faux leather bootie and matching clutch purse. Denise completed the girls look with black, tan and burgundy tiered mesh color  blocked body con dress.  She wore a necklace that John gave her against the sweetheart top. Black accessories and shoes completed her look. 

They walked together towards Dan's house.

"I'm so excited for this!" Eve whispered. 

Drexel smile, "let's rock out tonight!"

Denise finished,  "just like old times."

The End

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