Trust A Try.

After John watched Denise get into Eve's car and drive away, he proceeded into the house to finish the conversation with his parents.

A few minutes later, his mom, Carol took a deep breath. John sat down on the couch alongside his dad.

"I really like her... I don't know what it is... I just feel like we should be together..." John said as he took a sip of juice. 

John Sr., responded, "We understand and we aren't trying to be difficult but we honestly want the best for you."

Carol finished, "I will try my best to treat this girl as your girlfriend. I just don't love the idea."

John smiled, "And that's all I want!Is for you guys to try! You gotta trust a try!"

John stood up, placed his cup on the table and ran over to them. He hugged his mom and then hugged his dad.

"Okay! That's all I wanted honestly! But I gotta go! I told Dan that I would meet him at his house almost 15 minutes ago."

John ran into the kitchen and hugged Lisa whom was eating chocolate bananas.

Lisa kissed John on his cheek, and whispered in his ear, " I'm happy everything worked out for the better. Even though your mom flip flops with the idea of you dating Denise,  she is only doing what she knows." 

He agreed and hugged her tightly. 

John grabbed his car keys and ran out to his car.

About 20 minutes later, John drove up to Dan's house and heard Marsha Ambrosius' 'Butterflies' blasting out his window. John smiled as he ran into his house. 

"Yo, bro!" John said as he walked in to Dan jamming in his kitchen.

"Yo John! I kissed Eve!" Dan proudly proclaimed.

John and Dan did a brother handshake as John happily shouted, "AYE!!!"

Dan continued, "And then we did a little something something! HA! She is amazing! So beautiful!"

John smiled, "I'm proud of you! Went after what you wanted and got it!"

Dan continued to speak in detail about his adventure with Eve as John read a text from Denise.

Denise (2:05pm): How did it go with your parents? Your parents aren't coming to dinner, right?

John (2:17pm): It went... lol. My parents are going to TRY to support us. But instead of adding salt to an open wound. Let's just skip tonight's dinner.

Denise (2:22pm): Agreed! Dan actually invited Drexel, Eve and me to a dinner tonight. You're invited but not your funky parents lol! 

John looked at Dan and interrupted him: So you invited everyone to dinner here?!

Dan smiled, "Yeah... minus our parents. I think you should leave here with happy memories... And plus Eve will be there!"

Denise (2:23pm): We are leaving the hospital now... so don't worry about coming. We are going to have girl time and then I'll see you for dinner at 5?

John (2:25pm): Sounds great babe. I'll probably chill with my brothers. Dan is excited for tonight!

Denise (2:26pm): Ok! And so is Eve ;-) !

The End

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