John stood his ground, as Denise humbly stood behind him. Silence covered the room for a few moments. Carol started to stammer but she couldn't say anything.

Denise grabbed a bag and his car keys from John's fingertips, she whispered to him: "I'm going to step outside... this is not what I wanted."

John turned to her and whispered back, "I won't let her disrespect you anymore..."

Denise nodded. She opened the door and walked out. A smile crept on her face, when she glanced down at her phone.

Drexel (12:53 pm): Almost got an assault charge talking to that cute green eye doctor! Yum!

Denise (12:54 pm): You are hilarious! 

Denise (12:54 pm): I just got into a crazy argument with John's mom. She threw the black women can't keep a man card at me... and that shxt upset me. To the fullest!

Drexel (12:57 pm): Are you serious?! That woman needs to get over that John has a sweet tooth for luscious caramel women! LOL!

Denise (12:58 pm): And I'm sitting in this car, listening to your favorite song by Luke James... I want you... ugh its such a good song.

Drexel (12:59 pm): It really is... But are you going to be okay?

Drexel (1:04 pm): ??? 

Denise (1:04 pm): I got caught up in the song. My fault.

I left John in the house to talk with his parents. He's been in there for ten minutes.

Drexel (1:05 pm): So what are you gonna do now...

Denise (1:06 pm): Eve is on her way to pick me up and we are coming to pick you

Drexel (1:07 pm): Oh thank the Lord!

Denise (1:08 pm): Okay give us like 20 minutes.

Drexel (1:10 pm): Ookie Dokie!

Denise got out of John's car and started to walk towards the house. Eve pulled up and beeped her horn. Denise signaled one minute as she climb the steps. She opened the door.

John snapped his head towards her. Denise grabbed his hand and walked towards the kitchen. 

"Excuse us for a second..." She said.

Denise opened the patio door and they stepped outside. Denise kissed John on his lips and thanked him.

He smiled, "It'll take time... but I think my parents will come around."

Denise smiled, "I hope so."

John smiled again, "But for now, its like punching a dead squirrel."

Denise laughed, "ew!"

John hugged Denise. 

Denise said, "Eve is outside so that we can go pick up Drexel from the hospital."

John grabbed her waist, "Um! You ain't leaving me here! I'm coming too!"

Denise smiled, "Well, you can tell your parents!"

John laughed, "They heard us having sex last night!"

Denise laughed, "Your mom though the moans you made last night was me!"

John got serious, "You told my mom, that was me?! Baby?!?" 

Denise laughed harder as she walked around the house.

John chuckled again, "Oh I got you! I'll meet yall at the hospital in 15. " 

The End

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