Sweet Nothings.

John decided to take Denise on a walk. He wrapped his jacket around her as the cold air brisked passed them. He whispered sweet nothings in her ear.

Denise whispered, "You've always known how to make me smile."

"I don't want to see you cry anymore..." John quickly repeated.

They walked in silence for the remainder of the street. They followed the sidewalk until they were at John's parents home again.

John whispered, "Come on baby..."

He said as he walked her inside. John Sr. was sitting in the living room when they entered.

John said, "Yo dad, Denise and I are about to hit the road. It was nice seeing you again."

John Sr., was confused. He responded, "Wait? Wasn't there a dinner tonight between the family to see you guys off?!"

John said, "It was supposed to be, but I decided, that its best if we leave now."

John's dad stammered, "Why son?!"

John continued, "No reason..." He turned to Denise. "Baby, wait here... I gotta grab my bags from upstairs. If you want you can wait in the car."

John Sr. walked over to the kitchen to grabbed Lisa and Carol attention as John ran upstairs. Denise sent a text to her sorority sisters Eve and Drexel explaining what Carol said to her. Lisa and Carol followed John Sr. out of the kitchen and into the living room.

Carol whispered, "Why won't you just let him go?"

Denise ignored her and turned her back towards Carol.

"Don't you dare ignore me?" Carol commanded.

John walked down the stairs, "Mum, speak to me and not her! Why are you upset?"

Carol slapped a smile on her face. John Sr. walked over to the chair and sat down. John dropped his bags at the front door and looked at her. Silence took over the room. John grabbed Denise's hand.

"Mum, pop, and Lisa... I want you to meet Denise. She has been my girlfriend for over a year now. We actually met up here in Boston for a baseball game. (He turned to Denise.) I hit on your best friend, right?

Denise smiled and nodded in agreement. John finished, "After that failed attempt, I noticed I started to like you more. And then I chased you for a while. You never gave me a chance."

Denise giggled and then looked down at the floor as she continued to humble herself infront of his parents.

"We have stayed friends for a while. I moved down to Philly for a better job market after college. And then a year ago, I finally made another move on you, and you gave in.
It has been amazing journey since then. (He turned to his parents.) But it does upset me the words you said to her mum. (Carol tried to interrupt, but John finished.) My girl is very important to me. I wanted you guys to meet my sunshine and what has held my foundation down. Yeah, she's a black woman. But that doesn't define her, just compliments her. (John raised her head, so that she was now eye level with everyone.) She is beautiful and sassy, my favorite type of woman. I made my decision that I'm leaving now. I don't want to hear anything from you, because I want to leave here with a positive memory of you all."

The End

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