The smell of cherry blossoms and vanilla flew out of the room as Eve opened her shower door. The gentle sun rays reflected against the eminent blues, refined whites and audacious yellows walls. She grabbed her bag and slid flesh clothes on her body. She finished her texts messages to Denise, Layla and Drexel.

She gently caressed lotion on her curves, rubbing them inch by inch.  With her hair in a ponytail, she walked into his living room. Dan was sitting on the couch, typing away on his computer.

"Hey Eve, how did you sleep?!"

She kindly replied, "I slept well. Thank you for last night."

Dan smiled, "No problem, you needed to concentrate on something else."

Eve walked towards Dan and smelled a lovely aura.

"Did you cook?!" She innocently asked.

He walked over and presented, " Dancakes!"

Eve laughed out loud and said, "Pancakes in a shape of a D!"

Dan finished, "Yep! But they are stuffed with strawberry cream cheese! Yum!"

Eve grabbed a folk and took a bite. "Oh wow! They are amazing!!"

"Yes they are." He smiled as he took a bite. Eve noticed her phone was ringing and ran over to it.

Eve: Hello?!

Drexel: Sooo! You're going leave me here at the hospital?!

Eve: HAHA! Sorry girl! I had my hands full!"

Drexel: With what?

Eve: SHUT UP! You're so dirty!

Drexel: So when are you gonna pick me up? Or atleast get Denise?

Eve:Um, we were going to get you at 5.

Drexel: Okay, gives me time to get this doctor! He is sooo cute!

Eve: The one with green eyes?

Drexel: Yes!

Eve walked away from Dan.

Drexel: So did Dan get your goodies last night.

Eve: We didn't have sex, but he did eat the box! HAHA!

Drexel: Okay white boy!

Eve: I know! Got game too!

Drexel: Really!

Eve turned to Dan making her a plate.

Eve: Drex, I'll call you back.

Drexel: Bye girl!

Eve walked over to Dan and sat next to him on the couch. He passed her a plate.

Dan interrupted the silence and said, "Can you make sure to come back and visit?"

(Referring to Eve leaving Boston.)

Eve kissed him on his cheek, "of course."

The End

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