Black Women.

Denise said, "I'm not mad at you... I just gotta take a walk."

An uneasy John repeated, "what's wrong, Denise?! You're scaring me."

Denise started to bite her nails as she contemplated expressing herself to John. John wouldn't let her walk away from him.

John interlocked their fingers and said, "what did you and my mom REALLY talk about, earlier?"

A tear dropped from her eyes.

Denise mumbled, "I don't want to break your family apart. Your mom and your family is top priority."

John redirected, "what did she say to you?"

Denise started to cry, "Black women are strong women. Throughout our history we have learned that we can survive as the only parent in our household as black men were taken from us during slavery. And it has trickled down our history."

John calmly listened to her.

Denise finished, "I wish I didn't love you, and that I didn't care about you. But when you're not around me, I legit... miss you." (She looked around.) "I feel that God sent you to me because you complete me. (She faced him and looked him in his eyes.) But how can a man so wonderful come from a woman like that. She reminded me, like my family members that men leave us. Black women are struggling out here for men to love us, for being the strong and beautiful women that we are. They say BLACK women are always angry, we have daddy issues and have one track minds. We either emasculate our men in our lives or we are man crazy. Yes I understand the epidemic of the black community has been plagued by generations as having fatherless homes, but that's everywhere."

John hugged her as she mumbled in his chest.

"I am aware of our skin color and how we are different. But that is beautiful to me. Why can't people just see the love that we share? John, I don't know what to do?!"

John released his tight embrace and whispered, "You are my girl. I know how my family view things. My family needed to know you. It doesn't matter if they like you or not. The Lord sent you to me, as you came to me in a prayer. He answered me when I first saw you. I love you, and as a man... I will not leave you. If we commit ourselves together, you're stuck with me. Through the good and the bad."

They hugged again and he wiped her tears away. He lead Denise towards the house.

"Baby, lets finish this conversation with my mom, but this time, I would like to be present, since this effect me too."

The End

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