John couldn't figure out why Denise was silent. He turned to her and she flashed her beautiful smile. She looked like if she was holding her breathe. Lovestone/Think that she knows by Justin Timberlake played in the background.

John placed his palm against her skin, and her tension released. A tear instantly dropped from her eyes. She took a deep breath.

John whispered, "Baby, what's wrong?"

Denise turned to Carol. Carol looked at Denise. Denise turned to John again.

"It's nice to feel welcomed in your family." She lied to John.

John smiled and kissed her on her lips. Carol cringed. Matt watched his mom.

John smiled, "I'm glad! My family is the ish!"

Another tear dropped from her eyes. John stood up. 

John said, "Tonight, me and my lady are leaving for Philly but maybe we should all go to dinner before we go!"

Carol agreed. John finished, "I'm going to tell the family and I'll be right back. Matt come with me."

John and Matt left. Carol stared at Denise. Denise wiped away her tears.

Carol smiled and cocked an attitude, "so why did you lie to John? Lying to my son?!"

Denise stood up, "I did what was best so that he could love us both."

Carol chuckled, "When you leave him or he dumps you, he will always have us. You are only a fluke."

Denise wiped away another tear, "Say what you want. You don't know us."

Carol walked towards the door, "I know you will never last. Men don't last in any black woman's life. You are destined to be alone. I'm just speaking truth. Look at your history."

Carol said as she left the kitchen leaving Denise standing alone.  Denise took a deep breath. A few minutes later, Matt walked in. Denise was standing against the patio door. 

Matt said, "Are you okay?"

Denise turned and her eyes were bloodshot red.

Matt continued and Denise interrupted, "please leave me alone. I just want to go home."

Matt exhaled and text John as he left the room. Denise watched him leave and she cried to herself. She opened the patio door and walked outside. The cold air blew against her tears. She turned off her phone and made her way to the front of the house. She started to take a walk. She  walked a few feet and heard her name.


She turned around and John ran up to her.

"Baby? Where are you going?"

She didn't say anything. He spun her and looked into her eyes.

"Baby! What's wrong?! Why are you crying?"

She didn't answer. She turned and started walking away from him.

The End

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