Denise and Carol continued to argue in the kitchen. Carol paced around the table as Denise stared in her face. Denise was pushing for Carol to truly express herself. Carol's frustration grew.

 Carol's tone of voice aim sharply at Denise: "I don't understand why he is with you!"

Denise snapped back, "and you don't even want to know! I could tell you and you would just dismiss it. Your son, a white man likes a black woman. Get over it! It's 2013!"

"Why!!!!! There are so many beautiful woman out here... intelligent Italian women!!"

Denise sincerely acknowledge, "I am beautiful! And maybe he wants something different."

"I know my son!" Carol interrupted as she picked up a newspaper.

"I didn't ask to fall in love with him... it just happen."

"That just doesn't happen?!"

Denise started to clap with each word. Her frustration grew. "He pursued me... I don't know what you want me to say. All I can say is the truth!"

Carol slammed down the newspaper, "B*tch that's not the truth! Let him go!" (Carol started to count on her fingers.) "He's not in your class! You don't compliment him! He is not..."

Denise felt her anger rise. She slowly stood up. "I'm glad I can see your true colors! !" 

"It ain't about true colors! It's about what is best for John."

"Let John decide that. He is 27th years old! He can decide for himself!"

Carol took a deep breath, "I was slightly fine with this..."

Denise yelled, "You have NEVER been fine with this! Hatred covered your face when I walked in that restaurant that day, I will never forget that look! I have treated and will continue to treat Johnathon Anthony Beamer as the King he is! "

Carol yelled back, "I will never forget the sounds you made last night! After you had sex in my house. The DISRESPECT!!!!!"

"I didn't make any sounds! That was your son!"

Carol growled, "How dare you?!"

They heard people running down the stairs and they stopped their conversation. John and Matt opened the kitchen door as Denise sat down. Carol pretended to grab something from the cabinet.

John smiled, "Mum, did you already pack away the food. I think I'm going to take some to go."

Carol smiled, and grabbed a plate from the refrigerator. Carol turned to Denise, "would you like some too?"

Denise and Carol pretended as if they never spoke about their dislikes. Carol didn't understand the interests of their relationship while Denise didn't want to cause a huge thrift between John and his mother. So they pretended to like each other.

Denise smiled and she grabbed John's hand, "Carol, may I have some orange juice please?"

The End

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