Denise walked into kitchen with John's mom, Carol. The room was full of the autumn's light as it reflected off the light blue walls. Foghat's 'Slow Ride' played on the radio in the background.

"Did you want any of this?" Carol said.

Denise looked down at the sausage, scrambled eggs and pancakes.

She politely replied, "I'm okay, Mrs. Beamer."

Carol wrapped the scrambled eggs in a pan and responded, "You can call me, Carol."

Denise looked around, "Well, can I help you put away this stuff, Carol."

Carol smiled, "Yes, you may."

Denise grabbed the plate of pancakes and began to wrap them up. Carol opened the refrigerator and Denise placed the food inside. Carol grabbed her hand:

Carol pleaded, "Denise, can you forgive me for all my wrong doings in your relationship with my son. I'm sorry to have judged you."

Denise didn't trust Carol's apology. She felt as if she wasn't being honest, and didn't want to start their relationship on a false start.

Denise took a deep breathe and said, "it's been a rough few days for this family and myself. I-I..."

Carol saw Denise detouring the conversation and she interrupted, "Why does this always have to be so complicated?! Just be honest!"

Denise snapped back, "Will you just let me finish? I would rather us be honest with each other than to fake the funk."

Carol snapped again as she became very straight-forward. "At the end of the day, you are the issue!"

Denise rubbed her forehead and then looked up. "Carol, if you like it or not. I am John's girlfriend and have been his girlfriend for more than a year now. I will not allow myself to be dictated by your mood swings."

Carol tried to interrupt but Denise spoke louder.

Denise continued, "I don't care if you like me or not! So stop acting like you do. It's fake! "

Carol interrupted, "Yes, I don't like you! Please lower your voice! I will not let you disrespect me in my house."

"You haven't seen or heard disrespect from my mouth yet."

"I know how YOU black women can get."

"Oh! You'll experience first hand how this black woman can get!"

The End

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