Denise couldn't help but admire John as he laughed in the front seat of the car. She sat alone in the backseat. She looked down and continued to read the text messages from Eve.  They read:

Denise (11:32 am) : I cannot believe that! So how was the night overall?!?

Eve (11:34 am): haha! Very interesting yet comfortable.

Denise (11:34 am): Comfortable? 

Eve (11:37 am): I slept at Dan's house last night.

Denise grabbed the handle above her head as Scott turned a corner. He sped through the neighborhoods ignoring the speed limit. A smile crept on her face as she cannot believed that Eve left the hospital, and slept over a man's house who she didn't really know. 

Denise (11:40am): Wait?! U left Drex all by herself in the hospital?

Eve (11:40am): Um, kinda. Yea! HAHA! I asked her before she left. BTW we have to pick her up at 5 pm today.

Denise giggled to herself. She looked up at John having an intense conversation in the front seats. She took a rubber band from her purse and slid her hair into a side ponytail. She continued to text:

Denise (11:43am): So did u...?

Eve (11:45am): Kinda... we gotta have a girl talk!

Denise laughed out loud. John smiled and looked at Denise through the rear view mirror.

John said as Scott turned another corner, "Bae?"

Denise popped her head up again and replied, "Yes?"

John said as he got out of the car, "We are here... at my car." 

Denise smiled, "Thank you Scott for dropping us off. Sorry that I wasn't paying you guys much attention."

Scott smiled, "You don't pay ME much attention. But I enjoyed my bro time with John."

John laughed as he opened Denise's door. Scott finished, "Don't be a stranger, bro."

They waved to Scott as he shot off. John and Denise got into his vehicle and drove back to his parent's house. A few minutes later, Denise told John that Eve slept over Dan's house. John laughed as they walked into the house.

"Well hello!!! You guys were up early." A perky Carol smiled.

Denise's guard immediately went up and John responded, " Hey Mum. Yeah, I owed her a shopping trip."

"You missed my home cooked breakfast though." Carol smiled

"He already had somebodies' breakfast already." John Sr. mumbled.

John looked at Denise. Denise replied, "Did you say something Mr. Beamer?"

John Sr. looked at John and said, "I couldn't sleep last night and obviously neither could you."

John's mouth dropped as Carol ask Denise to get something from the kitchen. John avoided his dad as he took the shopping bags upstairs. 

The End

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