Later On that Morning:

John and Denise were laughing as they left the department store. John wrapped his hands around her waist and held her tightly.  She placed the bag in her right hand as he whispered in her ear, "Baby, I'm still surprised that you made us, get up EXTRA early just to come out to get new clothes!"

She timidly responded, "Well I left all my clothes in Eve's car and I didn't want to wear yesterday's clothes." She pushed him and ran a few feet away from him. She turned around as the wind blew in her face and said: "And plus, you owed me a shopping trip in Boston anyway!"

John took off running after her as she ran through the streets of Boston. She noticed the street light turn red, so she stopped at the corner. He caught up to her with a kiss. After a few seconds later, they released from the kiss.

"I've missed your lips... they never tasted so good." John smiled.

"HA! Didn't you have enough of me last night?" Denise jokingly responded.

"Naw! I need to catch up for this weekend!"

He said as he grabbed her again and intimately kissed her again. They were interrupted by a car honking at them.

"Yo Bro!" Scott yelled from his car.

John let go of Denise, who needed to catch her breathe. John walked up to Scott's passengers side door and shook his hand. 

John replied, "Yo! What up, homie?!"

Scott smiled, "I'm glad to see you guys still having fun in this great city! I thought you were leaving last night?!"

Denise politely waved to Scott as John finished, "Yea, we had an emergency last night, so we should be leaving..." He looked at Denise and she looked at him back. John finished, "Um... either today or tom-m-morrow... I think...?"

"Is everything good, bro?" Scott replied.

John re-assured him, "Yeah, everything is better now. Those string of burgulars happening around the neighborhood..."

"They caught them!"

"Yeah, we might know them."

"Yo bro! That's crazy! And real shiesty if we know them. No suh!"

They both laughed. Denise looked down at her text messages. 

Scott laughed, "Ya girl looking good in them dungarees..."

John turned back and looked at Denise who wasn't paying attention. Denise was wearing dark denim jeans, with a lavender sheer blouse with the matching jean jacket.  

John smiled, "she do look good in them jeans. Well in the whole damn outfit."

Scott laughed, "the whole neighborhood talking about you and this girl."

John replied, "how?"

Scott laughed, "you'll get mad if I tell you. So just let me drive you and ya girl to your car, and I'll explain everything."

John signal for Denise to get into the car and Scott drove off.

The End

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