John Sr. suddenly opened his eyes. He blinked a few times as he realized where he was. He looked over to see his wife, Carol fast asleep. He reached over and grabbed the alarm clock. 

"Goodness gracious!" He whispered as the digital clock read 4:22am. He looked around and tried to figure out why he woke up. He heard a thump and shot up.

"Who is in my house!" He gently stepped out of bed and slid his robe on. He tried not to wake up his wife. He grabbed his bat and his keys. He slid his glasses over his eyes as he used the light from his cellular phone to see the keys. He placed the keys in a drawer keyhole by his closet door. He opened the drawer to see his gun case. He opened it.

"Dang! I left my gun in the basement. I forgot to put it back after I cleaned it."

He thought about waking Carol but didn't want to scare her. He left his bedroom. He tip-toed through the hallway of his residence. He heard the thump again. It was coming from one of the boys' bedrooms. He placed his bat preparing to swing it. He look down to see Boug sitting on the floor by John's bedroom.

"Boy! What are you doing?" John Sr. said.

"Shh! Dad!" Boug said as he jumped up. He grabbed his dad by the shoulder and pulled him aside. John Sr. let go of his bat.

John Sr continued, "What are you doing?"

Boug jokingly whispered, "So John and Denise just got in  maybe a few hours ago a-a-a-and I woke up cause I thought they were fighting again. So I came over to his room and realized that they weren't fighting... they are actually... *cough*"

"They are what?!"

"Dad, relax and whisper. They might hear us!"

"Whisper? Wait... they are awake? Maybe they can explain where this loud sound is coming from."

"Dad... they are the loud sound!" Boug's tone raised.

"Yeah, but the sound is like a thump!"

Boug whispered, "Dad... they are doing the nasty!

"That what?!"

"The nasty..."

"The nasty?! Sex!!!"

"Shhhhh! Dad!!"

"In my house!!!"

Boug mumbled, "It won't be the first time..."


The End

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