John walked up to Denise sitting in the waiting room. Denise looked up from tweeting and said, "How did your talk with your brother go?"

John responded, "he didn't want to talk. He told me that we can leave, he's going to stay with Eve tonight."

Denise collected her things and accompanied John towards the exit. ____________________________________________

1 hour later:

Denise played Frank Ocean's "Thinking about you" on her phone as they approached John's parents house. John wiped his face as exhaustion covered his face. The cold of October blew in as Denise opened her door. She put on her navy blue blazer back on as John lead her into the house. The house was dark as they crept up to John's room. 

Denise whispered, "When is the last time you sneak a girl to your room?"

John smiled as they climbed the stairs, "I haven't lived here since high school which was over 8 years ago."

Denise smiled, "Did you sneak girls in your room?"

John opened his door and they walked in. She looked around as she waited for him to answer. He turned on the light and responded:

"Yes, I sneak at least three girls in here..."

Denise smiled, "Wow! Three girls! I'm surprised Mother Carol didn't find out."

Denise looked around at his pictures around his room. John laughed as he pulled off his shirt, "She found out about one girl, um Lena... Laura Fisher... oh she was delicious!"

Denise's eyes got big. John finished, "My first make out section with Laura lasted about 22 minutes."

Denise laughed as he reminisced. Denise placed her phone on his night stand as she turned to face him. Her eyes glazed over his body and she forgot how in shape he was.

John continued, "I lost my virginity in Steve's room with this sexy young piece, Trish. I lasted for like three minutes. But it was the best three minutes ever."

Denise smiled as she removed her lace booties from her feet. She removed her blazer and her top exposing her bra. John smiled and watched her push open his shower door.

She said, "Would it be wrong for me to add to your memories of lovers here in your room with Mother Carol just a few rooms over?"

John walked up to her and ran the water. He didn't answer her question. He removed his clothes and continued to undress her. She put her hair in a pony tail and took a step into the tub. He followed shortly after. His hands gently pressed against her face as the water slammed on their skin.  

"You'll be the last woman to step in here."

The End

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