Layla stormed out of Eve's room with Alberto slowly following. She gently close her door and pulled Alberto down the hallway.

Layla commanded. "What the hell was that about in there?"

Alberto smiled, "Eve still loves me."

Layla finished, "totally not the point. I don't even know why I called you here?"

"You were afraid."

"I forgot that you can be so arrogant! My sister is not a toy that you can just walk in and out of her life and demand your place back."

Alberto spoke with a strong Hispanic accent, "Layla, you're not understanding?! She is still in love with me!"

Layla quickly responded, "It's just the fear talking. And it look like the white boy..."

"The white boy what? He had no style, no swagger, no taste and certainly no class to be even speaking to a beautiful woman like Eve."

Layla pouted, "You need to leave!"

Alberto smiled, "And how are you going to pay for these hospital bills..."

Alberto cut off Layla's sentence, "Exactly, woman... shut up!"

He started to walk away. He turned to face her, "I gotta go handle my business." 

Layla collected her thoughts and walked back towards the waiting room. Alberto opened the door of Eve's room. He was stunned to see Dan sitting next to Eve laughing.

Eve observed Alberto's facial expression and said, "I don't want any drama tonight. I've had enough."

Alberto bit his tongue and said, "Fine! I'll be right down the hall. I'm going to stay all night."

Eve suggested, "you don't have too. I have Dan here, and he's doing a great job."

Dan smiled and grabbed her hand. Alberto's mouth dropped. He shook his head and slowly closed the door. 

Eve turned to Dan. Dan leaned over and pressed his lips against her cheek. She turned away from him. He slowly back up from her.

Dan muttered, "You don't..."

Eve finished, "I don't need that tonight... I just need a friend..."

Dan took the rejection hard. He tried to get his emotions together, while Eve watched.

He finished, "but I don't want to be your friend..."

Eve said, "but you don't even know me?!"

Dan wiped his face, "I don't have too. That is what makes life an adventure."

Eve gently sat up, "I've been on enough adventures... I'm sorry."

The End

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