My Promise.

Denise stood outside of the doorway. John took a deep breathe.

"These few days have been..." Denise released.

John finished her statement, "... just a lot."

They both laughed. 

Denise smiled, "I'm glad that it happen though."

John finished, "It made our bond stronger."

Denise shook her head in agreement. John took her hand and lead her towards Eve's room. They took their time. They saw Dan watching out the window. Before John could say anything to Dan, Denise stopped him.

"Babe, he looks upset." She said with an concern tone.

John agreed and whispered back, "I think he likes Eve. Like 'likes likes' Eve!"

Denise puzzled, "from one dance?!" 

He smiled, "yeah, it be like that some days." 

Denise giggled, "men get sprung off a dance..."

"You did too! When we were at Indulgence, I know you loved my moves, that's why you walked away."

Denise chuckled, "It felt good... too good. That's why I walked away."

They both laughed.

Denise finished, "When we return to Philly, we have to remember to take time out for ourselves. I don't remember the last time we danced like that?"

John smiled, "Oh, I remember! It was at your older sister, Sabrina's birthday party. I had you against..."

They both said, "the radiator." Then they laughed in unity. 

Denise smiled and John delicately wiped her hair from in front of her face.

 John uttered, "I love you... lets make a promise."

Denise squinted her eyes, and responded, "what's the promise?"

John kissed her on her lips. He released from the kiss, and said, "I promise that I will never go to sleep mad at you. We can't go to sleep mad at each other. Life is too short."

Denise leaned up and finished his kiss. She released and said, "I promise."

She pointed at Dan, "know go help your brother."

John smiled as he walked away from her, "thank you baby."

The End

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