Off Key.

Dan walked out of Eve's room and gently closed her door. He exhaled deeply and shook his head. He walked towards the waiting room when he saw his brother and Denise rushing by him. Denise grabbed his hand and yanked him towards her.

"Where are you guys going?" Dan said as Denise continue to pull him.

Denise responded, "Drexel is awake and can have visitors."

Dan was trying to figure out if he actually liked Eve as Denise pulled him. A few seconds later, Denise, John and Dan arrived to Drexel's room while the nurse opened the door.

Drexel was awake watching an episode of Glee and singing off key. The singing brought smiles to Denise and John's face. Dan entered into a deep thought as he waited outside.

Denise hugged Drexel. John hugged Drexel after.

Drexel smiled, "John, this is a beautiful area but I need to take my black ass back to Philadelphia! Denise, you ready?"

Denise and John laughed out loud.

Denise responded, "In the morning, we'll set a better plan."

John said, "I liked that idea."

Drexel said, "Okay go home, and wake me up tomorrow and we'll go from there."

Denise interjected, "Um, I was gonna stay here with you."

Drexel declared, "Naw, I'm good. Go home. You guys need to make sure yall are good. I'm good and about to be sleep. Goodnight friends."

She turned over and hit the light.

John and Denise smiled as the evening glow from the window filtered in.

Denise kissed Drexel on her forehead, "fine, we'll leave. Good night bestie."

John said, "Sweet dreams."

Drexel laughed, "Get out! Good night all!"

John gently closed the door and walked towards Eve's hospital room.  

The End

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