Final Straw.

The nurse allowed Dan and Layla to see Eve in her room. Layla rushed over to Eve sleeping on her hospital bed. A radio was playing "Wildest Dreams" by Brandy on a low volume in the background.

"Eve!" She said as she threw herself onto the bed. Eve jolted up. When Eve realized what was going on, she embraced her sister.

"Layla! You scared me out of my sleep!" Eve announced.

Layla smiled and kissed her on her forehead.

"I was scared. I got a call from Denise and I flew up here."

Dan smiled as he stood by the door. He didn't want to interrupt her sister's moment. Eve looked up at Dan and Layla continued to hug her.

"Why are you still at the door?"

Dan smiled, "Cause you girls were bonding."

Eve smiled, "You can come over. Its cold over there."

Layla changed the subject as Eve finished flirting with Dan. 

"What happened? Denise said you were fine, but now your laying in this bed."

Eve continued, "After they took away Drexel in the ambulance, I went into shock and fainted. I'm petrified to go back to that house. I'm done with living there! This was the final straw."

Dan nodded. Layla hugged her tightly as Eve cried on her shoulders.

Eve professed, "If Drexel wasn't here, I could have been killed. Or worst, if I didn't drop off Denise, they would have entered my place while I was home! And they surely would have killed me. I never had a problem with this area in the past. But it isn't a New York or a Philly. It's time for me to move back."

Layla wiped her tears, "God loves you too much and he protected you. None of those things happened, because you still have to fulfill your purpose here. It may be better for you to move back to New York, because the family misses you. I miss you, little sis. If you move to Philly, you have your sorority sisters, Drexel and Denise. But you have no family out here."

Dan interrupted, "but she does have friends."

Layla rolled her eyes, "you have no friends out here."

Eve smiled, "I have Dan."

Layla rolled her eyes again, "But one person is not enough."

Dan confidently said, "One man is all she needs."

Eve blushed.  Layla shot him an evil glare. Two knocks at the door brought in a man by the name of Alberto. Eve's eyes got big as he rushed in the door. He pushed passed Dan and grabbed Eve's hand.




"What happened?"

The confusion in the room became overwhelming.

Eve said, "What are you doing here?"

Alberto said, "Layla told me you were in trouble, I came to help."

Alberto looked at Dan and said, "You're dismissed, you can help other patients."

Dan cocked an attitude, "Yo buddy!"

Layla laughed as Eve corrected him, "That's Dan, my soror's boyfriend's brother."

Alberto finished, "He has no relevance... you're dismissed."

Eve spoke over Alberto and said, "Dan, this is my ex boyfriend."

He finished, "of two years."

The End

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