Three hours later:

John pushed five quarters into the machine and pressed F5. The machine made a weird sound and a bag of peanut m&ms dropped out.

John said, "I wonder how long they've been in there."

Dan laughed while he palmed his hand for John to give him some of his candy.

Dan continued, "are you talking about this stale candy or how long the girls have been in there?"

John chuckled, "It's not stale... just extra crunchy!"

John looked at Denise sitting in the corner of the hospital's waiting room. She was playing on her phone. Dan walked over to comfort her while John walked towards the exit. The sliding doors released the cold breeze of October into the hospital as John stepped outside.

The cold evening air caught him by surprise as he dialed the number to his parent's home to keep them updated. He spoke to them for a few minutes when a beautiful lady rushed by him in frantic aura. John followed her back into the hospital waiting room.

"What happened to her!" She demanded to the clerk.

Denise ran up to her and said, "Layla! Relax! She's okay!"

Layla wiped her tears as she took deep breaths. Denise hugged her tightly as she calmed down. John and Dan walked up to them. Layla took a deep breath and exhaled.

She asked calmly, "What happened to Eve?"

Denise calmly responded, "Eve walked into her house being burglarized. The burglar fought Eve and Drexel and they're being checked out right now. Drexel is in rough shape, but she's gonna be okay. Eve is still frighten and in shock."

Layla said, "I need to see her! I need to see my sister!" 

The End

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