Ride or Die.

Eve continued, "It happened so fast!"

Denise softly asked, "Is she alive?"

Eve nodded in agreement. A sigh of relief took over her body. Dan reached out his hands and Eve fell into his arms. He smother her with his love. He started to fall for her.

Eve continued the story, "I grabbed the lamp that my mom game me for Christmas and I slammed it over the burglar's head. The dude fell to the ground and Drexel started to punch him, and I called 9-1-1. I ran upstairs and grabbed my gun. I came downstairs and a second dude came in. Drexel ran towards me and I cocked my gun in their faces. They were in the kitchen. I demanded them to leave my stuff and if they moved I would kill them. One dude moved and I shattered the window. I look down and Drexel was bleeding against my leg. She was bleeding bad. But I refused to let them go. The cops got here a few minutes later, and had to talk me out of killing them. A few years ago, someone killed my family member like this... and I refused to go out like this!"

She fell to her knees and Dan wouldn't let her fall.

"I got you..." He whispered. Eve shook as she looked up to him.

The EMT rolled Drexel out of the kitchen on a stretcher.

Denise and John walked over to her.

Drexel raspy said, "Heyy Soror!"

Denise smiled as she kissed her forehead, "I love you and I'm glad you're okay."

Drexel smiled back, " I love you too Denise. You know I'ma rida!"

Eve and Denise giggled.

Drexel finished, "He grabbed the shxt out of my head though, I feel like I'm still bleeding."

John said, "Yo we'll meet you at the hospital."

Drexel smiled, "I'm glad you came to your senses and back with my girl."

John smiled, "I can't let her go, like she can't let you girls go."

Denise apologized, "I'm sorry, I wasn't here sooner." She looked at John and said, "I was handling business."

They chuckled. Eve followed up, "After we come back from the hospital, I think I'm going to move."

Denise responded, "Whatever you want, I stand by!"

The EMT rolled Drexel out as Eve ran upstairs and packed her stuff. Denise grabbed Drexel's hand as she got into the ambulance with her.  

The End

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