"Do you know what happened to her?!" Dan said as he chose his car for them to travel in. 

"No. I know that they have been trying to reach me for a while..." She sighed. 

John and Denise sat in the back seat as Dan pulled off from the Beamer's residence. Denise retraced directions back to Eve's house. John held Denise as the worst feelings flooded into her mind. She pinched the top of her nose, as she became frighten to what may have happened to Eve.

Minutes later, Dan pulled up to Eve's house. The door was wide opened and two police cars were outside. An ambulance was sitting outside. 

Dan parked and Denise sprinted out of the car, up the stairs and into the house.

"EVE! DREXEL! OOO-OOP!" She looked around to see the house messed up and torn apart. A bunch of people were picking up things and were wearing trench coats. 

Denise moved quickly into the kitchen to see drops of blood.

"Where are they!?! Someone tell me!"

A female policer officer walked over to Denise and tried to calm her down. A disdained Eve walked downstairs and caught eyes with Denise. Denise ran to her. The impact of the hug brought more tears to Eve and Denise.

Denise held her as Eve mumbled out a bunch of words. John and Dan stood by her. 

Denise concerned, "What happened?"

A frightened Eve replied, "When me and Drexel got here sometime ago, we walked into my house being burglarized. The burglar grabbed Drexel by her hair and started to beat her!"

Emotions of pain and sadness splashed onto Denise's face as she didn't want to hear the rest, she just wanted Drexel to be okay.

Eve couldn't finish. She started to cry because she was afraid. 

The End

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