John leaned his forehead against hers and aligned their faces parallel to each other. With their lips touching John whispered: "I'm sorry."

He felt her sigh of relief escape from her lips. She released softly, "I'm sorry too."

They stood there in silence. Alone Together played by Marsha and Daley from Boug's room. They chuckled when the memories of Indulgence faded back into their bodies. Denise gently kissed his lips. After a few minutes of being sensually connected through their lips, Denise ended it by saying: "I love you too..."

John asked, "Will you be my girlfriend again?"

Denise smiled, "Yes, I'll be honored too."

John tightly hugged her and spun her around. They heard smother clapping sounds coming from the house. They both looked around to see scattered family members watching from random windows. John and Denise laughed. Denise checked her phone to see missed calls from her girls. She started to reply with text messages as John led her back into the house.

The warmth of the house warmed them up, and John and Denise entered the kitchen. 

John said, "Baby, are you hungry?"

Denise was distracted as she continued to text.

John opened the refrigerator door and grabbed cheese and lettuce. Boug and Dan walked through the kitchen doorway.

Boug said, "So is all that drama over?"

John smiled, "Yes..."

Dan hugged John while Boug attempted to hug Denise.

Denise looked concerned and said, "John?"

Boug responded, "What's wrong?"

John walked over to her and she finished, "Something happened to Eve! We gotta get over to her house!"

Dan responded, "Eve? The girl I was with at Indulgence?"

John agreed as Denise and him ran towards the front door. Dan followed them as John grabbed his car keys. They moved with an urgency. Carol and John Sr. didn't understand what was going on.

A concerned John Sr. said,"Why are you guys leaving? Your mom and I were going to..."

John quickly responded as Denise passed Lisa the handmade blanket, "Dad, we gotta go! I'll text you!"

Dan, John and Denise ran out the door.

The End

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