As soon as the back door closed behind Shannon, John deeply exhaled. A cloud painted in gold and relief covered him. He stretched and let out a huge groan of satisfaction. 

"UGH! I needed that."

Denise subtly nodded her head. John tried to make eye contact but Denise put her head down. Silence took over again. Light music played in the background as 'Flaws and All' by Beyonce played.

Denise softly spoke, "So how do you feel now?"

John said, "Incomplete..."

Denise puzzled asked, "Why? You got-"

"Because I need you. No other woman..."

"John..." Denise tried to interrupt but John overpowered her words.

"No! You will hear my words and you will comprehend them!"

Denise cocked her head back as John took full control from her.

"Denise, please don't dismiss me!" He walked over to her and made her stand up, facing him. She wrapped herself with the handmade blanket. His blue eyes met her green eyes while he said to her:

At his most sincerest moment, he uttered:"I have a lot of crap with me. I'm a mama's boy, and I neglect you when I'm consumed with a new project. I never run on time and... (He put his head down.) ...sometimes I forget to wash my clothes for the week, and I'll go out and buy a new ones. I'm extremely picky when it comes to what I wash up in the morning, and where everything needs to be. (He looked at her again.) I love working out and weight lifting. I hate cutting grass but I love the smell of fresh cut grass."

He smiled as she chuckled. He finished:

"I still love watching wrestling, even though I know it's fake. John Cena is still my favorite. I see a lot of me in him. (His finger caressed Denise's cheek, wiping away a tear.) I don't like Jay-Z but I love me some Beyonce. I'm a follower of Jesus Christ but I have my times when I mess up. I can't grow facial hair (They both chuckled). I drive crazy, but when you're in the car, I drive as safe as I can. My point is: Denise, I'm a host of imperfection that is madly in love with you. (Their hands interlocked.) I won't let you go and will not let anyone in my pathway that will try to destroy the bond that we share. I jumped the gun when I mention marriage to my parents, but I have goals with you, I will have you."

Denise stood there in awe.

"I love you!"

The End

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