Truly & Sincerely.

He looked into her eyes and hugged her tightly. It was the embrace she was yearning for. Denise sat her head up and watched them. 

John released his hug after 30 seconds of holding it. She leaned in and he leaned in. She puckered her lips as he got close and whispered, "I'm sorry."

He took a step away from her, pointed at Denise and said, "That's my heart."

She took a huge gulp. She became disheartened. She turned to Denise and said:

"I'm sorry to have caused this between you and him. I'll leave now."

Denise scratched her hair with both hands and said, "He needed this just as much as you did."

Shannon swished her hair, turned to John and asked, "I love you! But I don't want you out of my life. Can we be friends?"

Without hesitation he responded, "No. I don't need a friend like you. You claimed to have tried to help Denise by exposing my lies, but then tried to seduce me last night."

She wiped her tears as he finished, "But did you succeed?"

She signaled no.

He finished, "You tried to have sex with me, but it didn't work. After talking for a few hours, you tried to get me when I was weak. You even accidentally spilled juice on me to get me to take my clothes off. Friends don't do that. And I have someone in my life that has done more than you could ever."

He turned to Denise, "I love you, sincerely and truly."

Shannon put her head down and started walking towards the door. "Goodbye John Beamer."

John responded, "Goodbye Shannon Turner."

As soon as she went inside, you could hear John's family clapping. John and Denise smiled. He looked at her, and she looked back at him. They sat in silence.

The End

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